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The "BUZZERCO" Saga continues

    Episode 1
BUZZERCO from an ancient race the "Terakian's". At first a lone warrior he was for a time with the clan "(QIS)" as part of his on going battle training. After 404 years of errorless Conquests he grew tired and careless. He came upon a very unholy place. There unwillingly subjected to unrelenting torture, and had turned to the Dark side, enslaved by the master "SoulAssassin" and one of his favorites "MorbidAngel". He protected the home ground for the [011]Stormtroopers as an Engineer. But he has to be watched for sometimes he will go on a rampage as a Mercenary and pillage the enemy base.
He has broken free from those bonds and roamed the planets in Quest of Nobler Battles.
Episode 2
Now a new arena is being created "Quake 3 Arena" + "Weapons Factory" = "WFA".
There is also a covert government project called "The Initiative" they are implanting the brains of Demons,  Phreaks and Vampires  with new micro chip technology to control them. The Initiative forces them to fight battles for them. Performing unknown experiments on there victims. The chip is still in the beta stage is very unstable an unpredictable. 
The Initiative captives (victims) have the designation of
[Hostile]-## and they are numbered as they are implanted [Hostile]-17 aka "BUZZERCO" the hardest to control brakes free and becomes himself again but only for a short time and then the implant takes control and he is again [Hostile]-17
Episode 3
BUZZERCO has embarked into a new era with counseling from a fellow warrior MMZ>ST!FFK!TTY also a past member of [011]Stormtroopers.
He has been accepted into the MMZ Clan there member ship is to say diverse. He has learned to control his dark side which helps keep [Hostile]-17 from rising and taking control. In MMZ he has seen high integrity and a sense of family and fun loving attitude from well most ;P
They are self described as "An awesome, absolutely accidental, accommodating, adorable, addicted, adventurous, amusing & almost arrogant Clan of 300+ " .
MMZ>BUZZERCO is proud to be part of the .




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