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bullet Hi, my name is  Guy Fitzpatrick, Owner, Designer, Operator, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. I have been learning web development for about five years and the Microsoft operating systems for about 12 years. In this time I have become very proficient in the web development field.
bullet I have a few projects under my belt and will be putting links to them on this page soon for your browsing pleasure. 
bullet And as time goes on I will embark on new ventures, time permitting. I will always keep this and any site that I am contracted to maintain up to date and fresh with new ideas.
bullet Web sites made here very reasonable rates for your home page. I'm located in Moreno Valley CA,  USA for Local Front Page, FTP, website creation tutoring (I only have a car to get me there). But from here I can maintain sites for anywhere in the world ( it is the World Wide Web) so far the farthest one is Pago Pago Dive Club  and Pacific Underwater Construction both in America Samoa.
bullet Please check this list of sites that I maintain good or bad for your browsing pleasure.
bullet Pacific Underwater Construction
bullet Tunnel Light
bullet Hotels and Motels in American Samoa
bullet Pago Pago Dive Club  
bullet Gabby's
bullet The Big Adventure
bullet Blue Dot Electronics
bullet Urban Fishing In Arizona


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