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This site is for the people that enjoy paintball.
I am in Riverside CA and Hemet CA area.

Some video 2meg takes time to download.

WoodsBall  or REC Ball or Outlaw Paintball or Pirate Paintball is played out in the open areas well there not all open most have a lot of trees for cover no air filled bunkers here. WoodsBall is played in them thar hills with all the rocks and trees and down in that thar dried stream bed well maybe not dried up.

Play honorably:

  • If you get shoot call yourself out or for a paint check.

  • Don't call out and hope no one is looking and get back in.

  • DON'T WIPE PAINT  Call it out if your hit.

Always drink plenty of water when in the heat. Simply relying on feeling thirsty will not enough to let you know YOU NEED HYDRATION/WATER. To replace the four to eight quarts of sweat that may be produced in hot environments, people require one-half to one cup of water every 20-30 minutes of the workday. Water at 55o F is preferable to ice water or warm water click here for more information of the heat.

I have been getting allot of people asking for info on Air Soft sites too.

I have removed maps showing places to go for now I will be adding locations of places to play when I find some that the owner has given written permission to use. If by chance you know of any PLEASE let me know.

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