This My Collection of photos of
Whack-O Drivers in the City of Moreno Valley CA.

This is in the Moreno Valley, Riverside area

I have had a few close encounters with a few of these Whack-O Drivers.
It is advisable not to provoke them as some have weapons and are stupid enough to use them for any reason they deem fit even if they are not mentally fit.
Although It maybe illegal to carry them in the vehicles with them.

One way that really gets there attention is to take there photo. Maybe they think you are stealing the souls LOL.

Below are the photos and a brief description of the encounter. 


If you know of other sites that list such Whack-O drivers in other areas
Send me the link and I will post it here. buzzerco

For my first entry: The BMW he gives "Weiner in a Beemer" the status quo.

# 5CMS889

 I turned to go east on Fir at Indian and the driver to the right ran the stop sign and was right on my tail and stayed that down the street. I slowed down to turn right and had to wait for pedestrians in the drive way to clear. The Whack-O floored it and passed me on the right side scared the pedestrians they thought he was going to run up the sidewalk on them they jumped back. I followed him only two blocks he knew I was there and stopped.
I got the first Photo at the light down the street. the second one was after he stopped.

He was yelling at me saying I was stalking him LOL I only followed him two blocks.

I guess with the way he drives he gets this a lot.
As a note he drives like this with his little girl in the front seat.