This page is to tell story about a missed opportunity
The one that got away


This is to tell story about a missed opportunity. Don't panic it's not long.

Don't just let an idea fade away on you it may just be something that you can market.

About eight years ago I got an idea of making a fishing rod holder that would set the hook when a fish pulled on the line. I do realize this is probably not a new idea but there was not anything on the market at the time.

I even built a prototype that worked it was great for catfish. You can see the photos and diagrams below. I was looking through the Fall-2002 issue of BASSIN you can go to and in the back there is a section called "WHAT'S HOT" and there I saw the "Lightnin' Strike Rod Holder" as below "I scanned it from the magazine".

Don't get me wrong here un like most people that have made something before and even made a prototype I am not calling a lawyer and gathering all my information in making this and trying to sue anyone. What I am doing is making this page to tell as many people as possible to NOT let your ideas fade away find how to take it to the next step ask others about how to market your idea . DON'T LET IT JUST SIT THERE ! Make something of it did I say don't let an idea fade away.

In making this page I did get/take some graphics from scanning in from the magazine and from the website the others are from my drawings.

I don't have one of these BUT from looking at the photos of the trigger assembly (see below) it should work very well.

If anyone has any questions/comments/complaints about this page or any thing on it you can contact me here BUZZERCO


The box

I scanned it from the magazine

Photo of trigger assembly I got it from the website

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