AD1816, Acer FX-3D or AcerMagic FX-3D






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 AD1816, Acer FX-3D or AcerMagic FX-3D
 AD1816, Acer FX-3D or AcerMagic FX-3D


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I added Windows 2000 and XP drivers at the bottom of this page

If you are tired of looking for the drivers for an old sound card or on board known as AD1816, Acer FX-3D or AcerMagic FX-3D

I spent 2-4hrs one night looking for the drivers for this card. Everywhere I looked they wanted to sell me the drivers or have me pay to join a site so I could download the drivers. It all sucked ,,, HA HA I thought FilePlanet was bad. Well it's here it's free and you don't have to wait in line.

This is what I found at if you go there only search for "ad1816"

AD1816 'Yellow Coral' [PnP ADS7160]
AD1816AJS SoundPort

There are no Windows 98, 98se or ME drivers.

NOTE: If FX-3D or AD1816 is not listed in the Sound, Video, And Game Controllers branch, check the Other Devices branch.
Click Remove.
Install the Windows 95 drivers using the disk included with your sound card.
NOTE: These steps may be applicable to any AD1816-based sound card.

The Acer FX-3D is an Analog Devices AD1816A-based sound card named AcerMagic FX-3D. The FX-3D sound card includes both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 drivers.

If you perform a clean installation of Windows 98, the sound card is detected as an Analog Devices sound card and is added to the Other Devices branch in Device Manager because Windows does not include drivers for it. In this case, you need to install the manufacturer-provided Windows 95 drivers.


Drivers there are two sets one is newer I think they are the same.


Windows 2000 / XP Drivers

I looked for linux driver and they are easy to find